Foreign Languages and Tourism


What you can find in the Green Route:

  • tour operators, naturalistic and amusement parks
  • museums and accommodation for school trips
  • reception facilities for school-work alternation projects
  • language schools, institutes and institutions supporting international mobility through language courses, study abroad programs and internships
  • consulting and assistance agencies for study abroad.

Dedicated to:

  • teachers interested in touristic trips and school-work alternation projects for their students
  • language teachers
  • high school and university students interested in improving their language skills or in studying and working abroad

Among the activities proposed in the route:

  • study trips, stays and holidays abroad
  • internships, training and job opportunities abroad
  • activities to test your language skills
  • language courses
  • year abroad
  • orientation and assistance to those who wish to study abroad

Where you can find the Green Route: pav. 6


Green Route participants and partnership Teacher training program 2018