Exhibitors categories


Education, Schools and Teacher Training
Public and private higher and lower secondary schools, trade associations, departments for education policies and institutions.

Associations, cooperatives, NGOs, exhibitors proposing educative campaigns on citizenship, nutrition, environment, cooperation, voluntary work, road safety, public rescue and civil defense …

Technologies and Media
Technology vendors and retailers, organizations that promote the use of technology in schools and among young people, publishing houses, trade press, realities that deal with communication and multimedia in schools, websites and information portals.

Foreign Languages and Tourism
Tour operators, museum systems, naturalistic and amusement parks, companies operating in the tourism sector and tourism departments, institutes and schools specialized in foreign language teaching and realities offering study trips, internships and years abroad.


Academic Education
Italian and foreign universities and academies.

Professional Education
Regions, schools, institutes and institutions for vocational training, armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Job and High Education
Entities promoting youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, companies, trade associations, employment agencies, employment centers, private placement companies, master and specialization schools, training institutions, provincial labor departments and institutions.


Within all the areas of the exhibition, you will find three special profiles: JOBInternational, with initiatives and cultural meetings connecting Italy and the world, thus creating significant relationships and synergy between training and work; JOBinGreen, which highlights the exhibitors who strive to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives; CreativityJOB designed to enhance the institutions supporting Italian made products, especially in fashion, design and food industries.


All exhibitors have the opportunity to take part in debates, conferences or workshops of the official calendar of the event.