Exhibition routes

The exhibition space is articulated in several routes dedicated to education, university, training and work.
In every area, the JOBInternational profile enhances Italian and foreign exhibitors promoting mobility for studies, training and work; JOBinGreen supports producers of food and organic products and entities with projects aiming at spreading sustainable practices; CreativityJOB groups all the exhibitors creatively working in fashion, design and food industries.


Young people looking for a job or willing to acquire specific skills can meet companies and public administrations proposing masters and internships and collecting CVs. In the “Saletta TopJOB” company presentations and training workshops are offered to help visitors in building their own future. > More about the Red route

An overview on the most requested jobs (traditional, innovative or artisan-like) and first-hand experiences to help young people in discovering their aptitudes. Particular relevance is given to all national ITS (Istituti Tecnici Superiori). > More about the Silver route

More than 90 athenaeums, institutes and Italian and foreign academies: course presentations as well as orientation and education services. Daily appointments for simulations of admission tests for all those universities with limited entry programs. > More about the Blu route

The broadest overview on education projects and training experiences for lower and higher secondary schools, with institutions and trade associations providing students and teachers with information about school services and projects. There will also be awareness campaigns promoted by institutions and other entities. > More about the Orange route

The most innovative technologies and media, with updating activities. In the “Emeroteca” you will find specialized magazines and publishing companies. > More about the Gold route

Journey proposals for students and young people together with travel agencies, tour operators, museums, naturalistic and amusement parks. There will also be suggestions for study trips, internships and work experiences abroad; moreover, institutes and schools enhancing international mobility will present language courses for adults and kids. >More about the Green route