Discover the exhibition routes and organize your visit!

Discover the exhibition routes and organize your visit!

JOB&Orienta is composed of an articulate exhibition area and a rich program of cultural events, seminars and workshops. The Exhibition is organized in two pavilions, pav. 6 and pav. 7, with stands of different colors depending on the area they belong to and, in particular, 6 thematic areas have been identified:

IN PAV. 6:
Orange Route – Education, School and Teacher Training
Available to teachers, students and families, a wide overview of training experiences for lower and higher secondary school, alongside the proposals of institutions and trade associations. Among the activities presented also educational projects and awareness campaigns in the field of sport and social issues. In addition, within the route, a specific training and updating proposal aimed at teachers and school administrators, with events related to the topics of greatest interest today (Saletta Formazione Docenti).

Gold Route – Technologies and Media
The route promotes the correct use of new technologies among young people, particularly in the school world; in-depth workshops are planned for teachers who focus on the most innovative teaching tools. In the “Emeroteca” space, the best of magazines and specialized publishing, online and offline.

Green Route – Foreign Languages and Tourism
Courses of foreign languages, internship and work opportunities abroad offered by schools and institutes promoting international mobility, but also travel ideas and educational visits, by agencies, tour operators, tourism departments, museums, natural and amusement parks. Plus, within some stands the possibility of testing one’s own linguistic knowledge.

IN PAV. 7:
Blue Route – Academic Education
Over ninety athenaeums, institutes and academies, with offices both in Italy and abroad, present degree courses, guidance services and the right to study. Again in 2019, the Foreign Universities area (Cittadella delle Università Straniere) gathers all the exhibiting universities with offices abroad. Every day it is possible to participate in simulations of admission tests to the various faculties.

Silver Route – Professional Education
Dedicated to young students and adults who want to retrain their professional skills, the route presents the professions, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and the related training courses. The proposals of the Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS) from all over Italy find wide space here.

Red Route – Job and High Education
Numerous proposals for youth- and self-entrepreneurship, masters, internship opportunities, internships and jobs for students and young adults seeking employment or a training specialization aimed at a specific professional field are presented by companies, cooperatives, public administrations and institutions. In the Saletta TopJOB, orientation and training workshops on the world of work and active research.